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Hm3-beta198 by funkmachine7 Hm3-beta198 :iconfunkmachine7:funkmachine7 3 0 Sadb, Witch of the Horned One by funkmachine7 Sadb, Witch of the Horned One :iconfunkmachine7:funkmachine7 1 0 Hm3-beta175 by funkmachine7 Hm3-beta175 :iconfunkmachine7:funkmachine7 0 0 Hm3-beta180 by funkmachine7 Hm3-beta180 :iconfunkmachine7:funkmachine7 0 0 Wild tiger woman 1 by funkmachine7 Wild tiger woman 1 :iconfunkmachine7:funkmachine7 0 0
The Le Mort Files (part 6)
Some festive fun.
Department Of ██████, New York office,
December 22.
“Well look at you Emilie! I think the prize for most festive dress is yours.”
“Maybe, more wine?..”
December 24
Dominic felt like he’d spent the night with his head in a cement mixer.
As he opened his eyes it got worse, his alarm clock flashed that he was late.
“You look like crap Dom, did you sleep in a ditch last night?” Emaile asked him in the cheery manner that only some one that is clearly not hung over can manage.
“No i got home, but how the hell are you still up? it 3 am when i left and you where still drinking that rum.” Dominic grimiest remembering the taste.
“Continental tolerance, i’ve had more practice.
Now the bad news is the boss has given us the short straw.” Emaile sighed.
“Eh how bad can it be? just post me the details, we're on the night shift anyway so
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The Le Mort Files (Part 5)
Carburettors and cannibal.
The night was icy cold and dark, as a woman waited in the shadows.
The dieing orange glow of a cigarette lit her face, as she glance at her watch.
She was tall with lean, almost predatory look in her razor sharp blue eyes.
She flicked the last of her cigarette in to the gutter and and ground under her stiletto heel.
It was a risky job this one, dangerous too with the new client but she need the money without it she’d be dead soon.
Another cigarette slipped in to her ruby lips as her wait ended.
The car slowed to a stop at the far end of the ally and he got out, the local sheriff.
A gun bulged under his shoulder as he walked to her, so she let her coat slide open showing him the large Beretta submachine gun.
“a… ar.. Are you the “exterminator”? the sheriff all but whispered his voice betraying his nerves.
The woman just look at him her face blank as she took one last puff be
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Hm3-beta169 by funkmachine7 Hm3-beta169 :iconfunkmachine7:funkmachine7 0 0 SWAT officer in the sewers by funkmachine7 SWAT officer in the sewers :iconfunkmachine7:funkmachine7 2 0
The Le Mort Files (Part 4)
Part Four, Cults  and Crypts
The air was cold and still as Emilie approached the graveyard.
It was all always graveyards, well sometimes it was old mental institutes or a slaughterhouse but mostly oculists where stereotypical at the best.
Slowly they crept forwards nearer to the cloaked figurers at the centre of the graveyard.
Then she spotted her in the distance.

She stood out a mile away, completely different from the others.
Standing alone, tall with long lean legs, her skin was pale and flawless with a slight glow.
Her purple eyes flashed, cat like and with cold wickedness.
Like a thunder clap it dawned on Emilie.
She was a homunculus, an artificial being given live by a black fusion of science and sorcery.
Emilie nudged Dominic.
“The redhead, in black pants with the sword, she’s a homunculus.
At least her outfit makes sense now, all the skin tight leather and rubber.
The Knee
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Hm3-beta164 by funkmachine7 Hm3-beta164 :iconfunkmachine7:funkmachine7 2 0
The Le Mort Files (Part Three)
The Le Mort Files (Part Three Thunder on the Highway.)
“Lillian, watch my tail, I’ve got this blood sucking trucker.”
Emilie smiled to her self, he was dumb, all most moronically so.
What chance did he have in running? he was in a 18 wheel semi truck.
Now came the hard part, stopping him.
With a flick of her wrist the bike roared in to life, carrying her faster and closer to the truck.
She moved, planting her heels in the passenger foot pegs, then pulling her shotgun from its holster.
Standing up right above the saddle, she racked the slide, the chain holding it to her wrist jangled as she worked the gun with one hand.
The front tire exploded as the shot tore it apart, the truck started to slide as the driver fought for control.
Her second blast tore apart the rear axle in a storm of sparks and shredded rubber.
The truck went deeper in to the skid, spinning on to the crash ba
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The Le Mort files (Part two, Death on two legs)
Part two, Death on two legs
Dominic was numb and warm, it had been a week now he’ll lain in the hospital bed.
“I’m here a week now… waiting for a new mission… getting softer.
Every minute I stay in this room, I get weaker, and every minute it’s out there on the streets drinking, Getting stronger.
Each time I look around the walls move in a little tighter, getting closer.”

There was a knock at the door, the nurse entered, he been here far to long, the nurses where starting to look better and better.
It was a week later when Dominic was finally discharged.
“.. What we know about vampires and there origins is pretty vague, reading Dracula is probably the most informative thing i can think of.
But it’s not like vampires are a modern thing, Julius Caesar declared all the monsters of the night to be “Hostis humani generis”, enemy’s of the human race during his dictatorship
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THE CAVALRY by funkmachine7 THE CAVALRY :iconfunkmachine7:funkmachine7 2 0
The Le Mort files (Part one, Clubs and Stakes)
Part one, Clubs and Stakes
“Ok you said vampire hunting, you said casual wear, so why are to wearing that?”
“I said night clubs that mean we have to get inside, And do so with out question, so put your gun back in the van and try to look like you can stand this crap that passes for music.”
Emilie was sweaty as she crossed the dance floor, still she had her target in site, she just hoped that Dominic was still following her…
“So your the hunter! what was your plan? a stake in my heart? some garlic? holy water?
Well it doesn’t matter any more, i’ll drain you as soon as i finish off this.”
He had confidence of a man that thinks he holds all the cards, given that he had a gun he did.
He was a large man and heavily muscled, easily a good 200 pounds heaver than her and a suckling vampire to boot.
That meant that he was young, a few month’s old at most, that meant that he hadn’t gained any
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Hm3-beta140 by funkmachine7 Hm3-beta140 :iconfunkmachine7:funkmachine7 2 0


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